Boiler and Water Tank installations

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Boilers are used to heat water in homes, businesses, and other buildings. They use either gas or electricity to do this.

The installation of these boilers requires the correct tools and knowledge of how they work, so it is important to have a professional doing this work for you. We at Koolmax Heating and Cooling HVAC service will come out to your home or business, assess your needs, and make sure everything is installed properly so that it will work well for you for years to come.

Once your boiler has been installed we also provide maintenance services for them so that they continue working properly over time. This includes checking the levels of water inside them and making sure there aren’t any leaks anywhere on the inside or outside of them where water could get into areas where it shouldn’t be like electrical wiring causing safety issues with electrical shock risks or flooding from excessive amounts of water leaking out onto surfaces below where it might cause damage such as wood floors becoming warped due to moisture damage from rainwater seeping in through cracks in windows or doorways

We also offer a range of services that go along with the installation and maintenance of your boiler, including:

Whether you’re looking for a new boiler or just need some routine maintenance on your existing system, we can help